Andi’s Story

“We gave you life and you extended ours” 

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates

My health journey started as a child with Mum committed to providing our family with very healthy food. She was an avid reader of everything healthy & we grew up with home grown strawberries, tomatoes, apples, apricots & a vegie garden. She loved to cook! My fondest memories are days in the kitchen preparing all sorts of healthy recipes made to share with our friends & grandparents. 

I loved to travel, and enjoyed a wonderful life as a flight attendant for 7 years with Ansett Australia. Passionate about learning to cook professionally I enrolled in the Chef’s Training Program at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City. I’d never been to the Big 🍎 & didn’t know anyone. Looking back this was very courageous!

I had the most amazing time in NYC learning to cook healthy meals & learning about health & nutrition.  I also fell in love with New York City life.  The fabulous restaurants, health food scene & farmers markets were captivating to this new Chef! I also interned at the Kushi Institute learning about macrobiotic cooking & a balanced lifestyle. 

Coming back to Melbourne in 2002 my parents had decided not to tell me how sick Dad was.  With my new healthy cooking skills I cooked 3 meals a day for my parents over 6 months (with my Brother often visiting).  Mum & Dad lost weight, Dad’s good health returned & he was able to stop taking all medication. He became an advocate of a macrobiotic lifestyle.

 ❤️ Mum said to me “We gave you life, and you extended ours”. 

One year turned into 7 years in New York City with many wonderful experiences including working at the acclaimed Le Bernardin restaurant known as one of the best! Also catering a cocktail party for the then premier of Queensland, The Honorable Peter Beattie who was visiting NYC.

Another highlight of my career was cooking for Serena in 2012 while she played in the Australia Open. Serena wanted a mostly raw vegan menu.  I delivered 3 meals every morning in a picnic basket to The Olsen Hotel in South Yarra where she was staying. 

After many years in restaurants & as a private chef I decided it was time to pursue my other love…. FITNESS!

I studied at the Australian Institute of Fitness & became a Master Trainer with a love for boot camp!

I loved this lifestyle, but life had other adventures in mind.  With the passing of my Dad I helped run the family business which involved driving from Melbourne to Cairns and seeing a lot of our wonderful country Australia.  


By now you might be wondering how my interest in chocolate began.

As a child I wasn't interested in the chocolate in Easter eggs, just the pretty tinfoil! As a family treat we sometimes had After Dinner Mints & it was so exciting if a restaurant served them at the end of a meal. 

 In New York City in 2003 I discovered freshly made handmade chocolate. Wow this chocolate was amazing! In 2008 while working in a raw food cafe in New York we experimented with making healthy raw chocolate. However, we had limited ingredients as raw cacao butter was not readily available at this time.

Early in 2014 I began experimenting again with making healthy raw chocolate treats for friends and family! This recipe proved to be very popular!! 

Andi's Really Healthy Chocolate launched in May 2017.  We hope you love our vegan organic raw cacao chocolate.  We have collaborated with members of the community living inspiring lives and you will find one of their quotes within the chocolate. Please take some time to really enjoy the chocolate and the keepsake quote with a cup of tea or coffee. Savor the delicious moment….

Eat Chocolate, Workout, Repeat …. ❤️ Andi x