Keepsake Quotes

The little cards within the chocolate

As a friend suggested… "Life without chocolate would be like a broken pencil...pointless"

 We love how an inspiring quote can sometimes resonate perfectly at exactly the right time you read it.

 The original little quote cards you will find inside our chocolate are written by inspiring members of our community. 

 Each quote is beautifully printed & designed to be kept as a bookmark or on your noticeboard. 

We hope you ❤️ them as much as we ❤️ receiving them.

Melbourne Artist, Lila Zhang has provided beautiful drawings with her quotes.

Below is a list of our fabulous Keepsake Quote Contributors:

Thank you ❤️


Emily Gowor -  Writer and Author

Miroslav Petrovic - “Awakening Architect” Speaker & Facilitator

Sophie Pham - Founder, The Introvert Project

Millicent Brearley - Ambassador - Andi’s Really Healthy Chocolate

Irina Lygina - Business Owner at The Bodywork Boutique

Aude Milicent - Citizen of the World

Dr. Fernanda Barros - Psychologist & Yoga Teacher

Chiara - Ballet Artist

Becca Corfield - Nurse, Mother

Jaime. Yeo - Nutritional Therapist

Senior Sarge Murray - Original Bootcamp Melbourne

Gerry - Businessman, Leader, Board Member, Property Investor

Petra Haluskova - Raw Food Chef, Juicy Lifestyle Activist, Holistic Health Coach, Public Speaker & Green Smoothie Gangster